Shade Systems

Wraparound Single Cantilevers Great for seating at cloverleaf ballfields

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4-Post Rectangles Economical shade for bleachers

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Single Cantilevers Shade bleachers without columns obstructing your view

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Shade Walks Shade for dugouts

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Arc Cantilevers Graceful shade relief for bleachers

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T-Cantilevers Cool shade relief for tired tennis players

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Shade Walk Economical shade for smaller bleachers

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Turn-N-Slide™ Video

Our Turn-N-Slide video shows how to easily remove and re-attach your canopy!
Duration: 4:35

Sails Video

'Sail' canopies attach and remove easily with our unique one point attachment system!
Duration: 3:09

Factory Tour Video

See what goes into the design and fabrication of Shade Systems products.
Duration: 5:02

What can we Shade for you?

Fabric Shade Structures – for bleacher covers and sports seating areas

Shade Systems™ Single Cantilevers, T-Cantilevers, and Shade Walks are especially well-suited for shading bleachers and dugouts, since their clean, two-post design keeps posts away from spectators’ field of vision, allowing for unobstructed viewing of the field. Or, as shown in the first image above, let our design team use our Single Cantilevers to create a most imaginative way to protect your spectators as bleacher covers and shade for bleachers.



Our popular CoolNet™ shade fabric is perfect as bleacher cover to shade bleachers, and is available in 15 vibrant colors, screens up to 99% of the sun’s harmful U.V. rays, and is covered by our industry-leading 10-year warranty. And, of course, all the above (except Sails) come with our innovative and patented Turn-N-Slide™ easy canopy removal system built right in!

For the best sun protection products for spectators in bleachers and dugouts, use our cool fabric bleacher covers and bleacher shades.  Choose Shade Systems for our extensive line of Fabric Shade Structures, umbrellas, tents, canopies, and sun shelters.  Our structures excel in covering playgrounds, bleachers, dugouts, sports fields, pool areas, water play, and waterpark areas, as well as concessions and other outdoor spaces where protection from the sun’s harmful U.V. rays is necessary.

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