April 15, 2015
John Prince Park, Palm Beach County Parks & Rec. • Lake Worth, Florida

Multi-Level ‘Sail’ canopies for John Prince Park “Fitness Zone”

Shade Systems™ is proud to have provided its ‘Multi-Level Framed Sail‘ canopies for shade protection over the new “Fitness Zone” at John Prince Park in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The Fitness Zone is a grouping of outdoor exercise equipment for the benefit of residents and visitors.  But staying fit outdoors can have a serious drawback if one is exposed to the sun’s dangerous U.V. rays while exercising.  That’s why the park planners at Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation selected Shade Systems to provide the fabric shade over the new exercise pad.

Multi-Level Framed ‘Sails’ make an imaginative architectural statement with layers of colorful fabric canopies, while providing much-needed U.V. protection for park visitors. Ms. Jean Matthews, a senior planner with Palm Beach County, was pleased that the “project turned out beautifully,” and expressed her satisfaction with the Shade Systems canopies.

But innovative designs like the Multi-Level ‘Sails’ are not all that separate Shade Systems from the rest. Shade Systems’ fabric canopies are the most durable in the industry, with double-strength lock stitching and 15 vibrant colors to choose from. Plus, Shade Systems products feature all stainless steel hardware, cables, and brackets, for maximum corrosion resistance and long life. And your investments in Shade Systems products are covered by the most comprehensive warranties.

The remarkable CoolNet™ fabric used in the construction of Shade Systems durable canopies screens up to 99% of the sun’s dangerous U.V. rays, making it safer for people to enjoy the outdoors longer. What’s more, investments in new exercise or playground equipment are protected as well, since U.V. rays cause deterioration of plastics and coatings found on this type of expensive outdoor equipment. So Shade Systems canopies protect people as well as property!

About Shade SystemsTM

Shade Systems is the premier manufacturer of heavy-duty outdoor shade structures designed to help protect people and property from the harmful effects of the sun's dangerous U.V. (Ultra-Violet) rays. Alan Bayman, President and CEO of Shade Systems, Inc., leads the shade industry with over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the outdoor public use products industry. "The Shade Systems team is focused on providing its market with the highest manufacturing standards and dedication to customer satisfaction in the outdoor shade structure arena," Alan was quoted as saying.

For more information, please contact Shade Systems at 1-800-609-6066.