Shade Systems

What can we Shade for you?

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About Us

Shade Systems™ designs and manufactures the highest quality pre-engineered outdoor fabric shade structures, canopies, umbrellas, and awning covers. These include permanent fabric-on-frame or clear span tensioned structures designed to protect children and adults as well as property such as vehicles from exposure to the sun’s dangerous Ultra-Violet (U.V.) rays. The CoolNet™ shade fabric used on our shade systems screens up to 99% of the sun’s U.V. rays and provides a cool and shaded area for people and property outdoors.

Mission Statement

It is our commitment to design and manufacture outdoor shade systems which meet the customer’s objectives for providing protection from the sun’s ultra-violet rays, heat, glare, and hail. Our products will be built to exacting standards which deliver QUALITY, at an ECONOMICAL cost which ultimately provides the customer with VALUE.

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Contact Shade Systems at 1-800-609-6066 to learn more about our shade solutions.