September 18, 2020
Lexington, Kentucky

A new Multi-Level ‘Sail’ shade at Univ of Kentucky Hospital

Shade Systems™ is proud to have provided a beautiful example of its imaginative Multi-Level ‘Sail’ shade design for the Family Care Center at the University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.

The landscape architecture firm, Element Design, was charged with redesigning the courtyard at the clinic and creating a safe space for adults and children to gather, protected from the sun’s harmful U.V. rays.  The clinic’s administrative staff had a vision of the courtyard as a central area that’s a real gathering space where they could conduct classes, have play time, daily meetings and lunch, and hold larger events like graduation.  The massive 50’x62′ Multi-Level ‘Sail’ from Shade Systems was selected as the perfect solution to combine functionality which meets the Center’s stated objectives for the project, while creating an attractive and eye-catching focal point for the space.

Ms. Ramona Fry, Element Design firm’s Senior Partner and Principal on the project, expressed her utmost satisfaction with the Shade Systems team and product:  “Working with Shade Systems was a great experience- they were very responsive to my questions and provided quick feedback on what type of structure would be the best fit for this renovated space.  We worked with them to locate the posts and footings within landscape areas, negotiating differences in elevation within the courtyard, and they assisted in determining the appropriate height for the shades themselves to make the space feel protected but still open and airy.  Their ability to provide quick responses to questions and concerns, and to engineer and provide detailed design for their product was extremely helpful and much appreciated in our efforts to redesign this important community space.”

When researching shade solutions, more municipal, hospital, and school customers choose Shade Systems due to its unrelenting emphasis on product quality. At its world class manufacturing plant located in Ocala, Florida, Shade Systems completes ALL aspects of design and manufacturing, including metal fabrication, welding, fabric sewing, powder coating, and packaging under one roof.  This ensures total quality control, as no part of the production process is sent out – it’s ALL done in-house right here in the USA!

Choose Shade Systems for the best shade ideas at outdoor gathering places or educational facilities!

About Shade SystemsTM

Shade Systems is the premier manufacturer of heavy-duty outdoor shade structures designed to help protect people and property from the harmful effects of the sun's dangerous U.V. (Ultra-Violet) rays. Alan Bayman, President and CEO of Shade Systems, Inc., leads the shade industry with over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the outdoor public use products industry. "The Shade Systems team is focused on providing its market with the highest manufacturing standards and dedication to customer satisfaction in the outdoor shade structure arena," Alan was quoted as saying.

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