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City of Hollywood, Florida - Zinkl Park

HEXAGON - Evergreen metals with Forest Green canopy


HEXAGON - Evergreen metals with Forest Green canopy


Orange County Parks, Orlando, Florida - Capehart Park

HEXAGON - Latte Tan metals and Aquatic Blue canopy


City of Coral Springs, Florida - Riverside Park

HEXAGON - Evergreen metals with Forest Green canopy


City of Pompano Beach, Florida - Geo. Brummer Park

OCTAGON - Coffee Brown metals and Forest Green canopy


City of Oakland Park, Florida - Collins Community Center

OCTAGON - Evergreen metals with Forest Green canopy


City of Des Moines, Iowa

HEXAGON - Alpine White metals with Aquatic Blue canopy

Hexagons & Octagons – shade structures for covering playgrounds and seating areas

Shade Systems’ Hexagon & Octagon designs add a whimsical ‘carousel’ look to your play area or other outdoor gathering place. As with all our permanent shade products, hexagons are engineered to meet the most stringent international building codes, and are available in a variety of heights and sizes.

Of course, Hexagons & Octagons feature our remarkable CoolNet™ shade fabric in a variety of colors for maximum air cooling and protection from up to 99% of the sun’s dangerous U.V. rays. Plus, removal and re-attachment of the canopy is a breeze, since our innovative Turn-N-Slide™ quick-release canopy fastening system is built right in!

For the best sun protection products, choose Shade Systems for our extensive line of shade structures, umbrellas, tents, canopies, and sun shelters to cover playgrounds, bleachers, dugouts, sports fields, pool areas, waterplay and waterpark areas, concessions, and other outdoor spaces where protection is needed from the sun’s harmful U.V. rays.

Contact Shade Systems at 1-800-609-6066 to learn more about our shade solutions.